Deadly School Shootings in U.S., Since 2018

It is clear that 2018 is not prone to deadly school shootings. There is no part of the United States that these attacks are immune to these deadly attacks. With the safety of children continuing to rise, people demand for solutions and change.

Take a look at the video below for details on shooting incidents so far this year.

Tiger Woods Comeback, First Win in Five Years

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2018 was a year to remember for the game of Golf. A year all fans of golf will remember. As Tiger Woods shows the world that he is back and better then every with a victory.

Five years ago, and five back surgeries since his last win, Tiger Woods came back into 2018 to win his 80th PGA Tour Event. Winning the Tour Championship. Throughout the 2018 year, Woods showed signs that a comeback was near. Finishing the year with 7 top 10 finishes and 2nd in the FedexCup Rankings.  

Almost 10 years ago, Wood’s life would become headlines for every media outlet.  Wood’s affair would not only cost his his life, but also his professional career for the foreseeable future. A Brief History of Wood’s Scandal. 

But is latest undergo, a spinal fusion surgery preformed in April 2017, seemed to ease his on going back pain and mark the beginning of a improbable comeback.

Woods put on a show for the world in September at the Tour Championship. Winning the Tour Championship was just as big for the game of golf, as it is for himself. He is favorited to win next years Masters. Woods is in the best place he could be; The buzzing support behind him is bigger then ever before, he is mentally strong, and surprisingly physically stable.

The  chart above shows Tigers Woods ups and downs throughout his career, spanning more than almost two decades.




Chicago Cubs Attendance

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The graph above shows the attendance rate for the Chicago Cubs baseball team. The graph displays rates for the years of 2007 to 2016.

As with any sports teams, you win and you lose. Those two factors potentially hold the most value to any sports team attendance rate.

In 2007, the Cubs had a total 85 wins. As seen in the graph, there was a rise in attendance the next year. This is due to the face the Cubs were winning games; 97 wins in total.

Moving forward, the rate would drop for many years. After 2008, the Chicago Cubs year-by-year wins would drop until 2012. A change was needed to bring fans back to the games to watch the Cubs win. A change in players, upper management, and a new found enthusiasm for winning, would aid to the teams attendance rate back to where they were in 2007.

From 2014 to 2016, attendance rates were beat year-after-year; 97 wins in 2015 and 103 wins in 2016. Although one can argue there are many factors that could aid to attendance, such as the extensive stadium remodeling. But, at the end of the day fans simply want to see their team win.

Click Here for an full in-depth wins/loses Statistics. 



Google MyMaps Assignment

Within the city of Chicago, Divvy stations are being built at a extremely high rate. How are these locations chosen and based off what criteria?

To ensure the probability that Divvy stations are being placed where they are needed, rather then where it is convenient to the electives that represent Chicago, I created a google map. The map includes locations of Ward offices and all Divvy Bike stations, within Chicago.

Click Here for Map.

All data used within the map above is from the City of Chicago Database.